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Daily Activites

We have two tours daily. Year-round the morning tour starts at 11:00AM. Our PM tour changes depending on the season. In Winter (June-September) the tour will start at 3:00PM, and in the Summer (October-May) the PM tour will start at 5:00PM. You will not see a pangolin if you come for the morning tour, if you come for the afternoon tour your chances are quite high, though we never guarantee it as we let our animals choose their own schedule..  Activities vary as one of REST’s key beliefs is that if an animal comes in that can and should be released into the wild, every effort will be made to do so.  Therefore a visitor during one month may meet a baby kudu with a broken leg or help give milk to a baby warthog, but 6 months later, that animal will no longer be at the centre.  We do have certain non-releasable animals that are recognised over the years such as Nesher the Cape Griffon, Ollie the Bateleur, or Seymore the Spotted Eagle Owl, but since our animal welfare comes first, we never guarantee a visit with a specific animal or species.

This is especially relevant with our pangolin work.  At present it is believed that we are the only centre in the world open to the public where baby Cape pangolins have been raised successfully and monitored until prepared for full release.  We believe strongly that for individual best practice and science, all of our pangolins are walked 3-5 hours a day regardless of weather or holidays and they forage naturally for their own food.  This is how they would live in the wild.  They wake on their own schedules, forage wherever they want to go that day, are exposed to other species and their own and investigate burrows and often take naps in the wild.  Essentially they live like a wild pangolin. The only difference being that they are secure and safe while sleeping during the day.   It is of vital importance to us that visitors realize we are not a zoo.  Expectations should be to learn about the species we focus on and if lucky get a glimpse into their lives and see them first hand.

With this in mind and because we recognise the sincere desire for many to learn first hand about pangolins, we have been loaned a special camera that allows us to film our daily forages and visitors will be able to take “virtual tours” with the pangolins and later all of the species we work with.

If the visitor wants assured contact with any animals as a guarantee, then REST is probably not the ideal visit for that individual.

If the visitor is fortunate enough to be able to see and walk with one of our pangolins for 15 minutes or so, there will be strict conditions to the encounter including but not necessary limited to the following:

  • Washing of hands with soap provided
  • Shoe baths in shallow water
  • No camera flashes
  • No direct contact with the animal unless initiated by the animal or senior staff
  • No walking in front of the pangolin or surrounding an animal

After your tour we encourage you to go into the town of Outjo to have a lovely meal from one of the wonderful restaurants or bakeries in town


Prices are $55 For adults and half price for Children under 12 (under 6 is free). We do require prior booking so please do contact us to book your place

All booking prices are in USD

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