Research Papers

Please feel free to download our research papers below. The files are in PDF format and you will need a PDF viewer to see them.

REST believes strongly that conservation is not as effective as needed if proper research does not back up decisions taken. Therefore REST scientifically documents daily movements, behaviour, patterns and needs of the animals it cares for. Especially for those species that have little or no previously documented research.

We also host a variety of students from undergraduates to Post Doctorates on subjects ranging from disease, health, behaviour, ranges, diet, assessments on release, rehabilitation etc. Close collaborations have been formed with Namibia’s higher learning institutions and we host yearly students doing practical research at the centre from both NUST and the University of Namibia.
To date, most of the scientific papers we have been involved with have focused on vultures. Now that we have years of data on pangolins, we are planning on publishing and co authoring on a number of subjects.

Anyone interested in using REST as a research base for any environmental subject is welcome to submit a proposal, which will be reviewed by the Scientific Board. Copies of any published papers are required to be submitted within 1 month of publishing to REST via email.
The following papers can all be accessed as Pdf files by clicking on the line item.


Papers to Download